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 Schedule 2011 

To view presentations, click on the link in the conference schedule, or go directly to the speaker's biography (alphabetized below) and find it in the bottom right hand corner. To view the event videos, click here.

 1000 - 1700 Registration Open
Ballroom Prefunction
 0800 - 1200 Golf Outing
Kiln Creek Golf & Club Resort
 1300 -1430 Tutorial 1
Room 104/105
SADIE Architecture Environment (USN)
Mr. Lothrop Richards
Mr. Jeffrey Reed

Tutorial 2
Room 106/107
Federated Architecture & DM2 Compliant Web Services (USJFCOM)
Mr. Bill Piazza
Presentation 2

Tutorial 3
Room 108
Architecture Analysis Demo (USJFCOM)
Mr. Chris Behre
Mr. Tony Oliver
Mr. Charles Chivis

Tutorial 4
Room 109
Data Strategy for C2 Capabilities:  The C2 Core and Authoritative Data Source Management (JFCOM)
Mr. Frank Klucznik
Mr. Dave Stroud

Tutorial 5
Conference Room A
Selecting DoDAF 2.0 Views and Models to Use for DoDAF Projects, their Integration and Analysis.  (FEAC)
Dr. Ann Reedy
Dr. Beryl Bellman

Tutorial 6
Conference Room B
Architecture Registration, Discovery and Reuse (DCIO)
Mr. Walt Okon,
Ms. Adrienne Snyder
Mr. Jared Cohen
Mr. Sai Liu

 1430 - 1500 Networking Break
1500 - 1700

Tutorial 7
Room 104/105
CADIE Architecture Environment (USA)
Mr. Warren Clark
Mr. Brad Krepps
Mr. Christopher Odachowski 
Mr. Todd Slaughter

Tutorial 8
Room 106/107
Architecture and Standards Registry (DISA)
Mr. Dave Brown

Tutorial 9
Room 108
Joint Mission Thread (JMT) for Architectures and Testing Working Group (USJFCOM)
Mr. Chris Behre

Tutorial 10
Room 109
Enterprise Authoritive Data Source Registry (USJFCOM)
Mr. Frank Klucznik
Mr. Dave Stroud

Tutorial 11
Conference Room A
Enterprise Architecture Analytics (NDU)
Dr. Stan Boddie
Mr. Con Kenney
Mr. Matt Newman

Tutorial 12
Conference Room B
UPDM; Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF; an architecture exchange capability using different tools (DCIO)
Mr. Walt Okon
Mr. Matthew Hause




 0700 - 1700 Registration Open 
1000 - 2000 Exhibits Open 
 0800 - 0830 Opening Ceremony
Ballroom ABC
Color Guard and Welcome
Mr. Dave Chesebrough, President, AFEI
Welcome from Hampton
Mayor Molly Joseph Ward, Mayor, Hampton, VA
Keynote Introductions
Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure, DoD CIO  
0830 - 0915 DoD Keynote Speaker
Ms. Teri Takai, Chief Information Officer, DoD
0915 - 1000 US Joint Forces Command Keynote Speaker
Major General Frederick S. Rudesheim, JFCOM J8
1000 - 1030 Networking Break
1030 - 1200 Warfighter Panel
Moderated by Brig Gen Robert Yates, USAF, USJFCOM/J3/4
RADM Janice Hamby, USN, J6 Joint Staff
Maj Gen Joseph Reynes Jr., USAF, JFCOM
CAPT Robert Hoppa, USN, FFC/N2
1200 - 1330 DoD EA Awards Lunch
Sponsored by NoMagic
The Warfighter is Our Mission – Bridging Warfighter Capability Gaps
Mr. Clarence Moreland, COO, NoMagic
Ballroom EFG
1330 - 1430 Enterprise Initiatives
Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure, DoD CIO  
1430 - 1530 Services Panel
The Mandate for Interdependency:  Seams and Boundaries

Moderated by Mr. Ron Vandiver , TRADOC
Ms. Gail Kalbfleisch
LtCol Geoffrey Thome,USMC
Mr. Gary Fagan
Mr. Bill Piazza
COL Robert Bethea, USA
Mr. Chris Chilbert
1530 - 1600 Networking Break
1600 - 1700 Combatant Command Panel
Coalition Interoperability and Information Sharing
Moderated by Commodore Jonathan Handley, Royal Navy
Mr. Mark Fink
Mr. James Gilliam
Mr Dennis Knoop
Mr. George Alder
1700 - 1900 Networking Reception
Exhibits Area - Music by the TRADOC Band (Jazz Combo)
0700 - 1700 Registration Open
Ballroom Prefunction
0700 - 1700 Exhibits Open
Ballroom Prefunction
0800 - 0815 Welcome and Announcements
Ballroom ABC
Mr. Dave Chesebrough, President, AFEI
0815 - 0915 A Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture
Mr. Scott Bernard, Federal Chief Architect, OMB
0915 - 1015 Intelligence Comunity Joint Architecture Working Group, (JAWG)
Mr. Randy Marks, Chief Architect, NSA
1015 - 1045 Networking Break
1045 - 1200 DCMO Perspectives
Mr. Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Architect and CTO, Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer, DoD
1200 - 1330 Lunch
Sponsored by
Can DoD Architecture Make a Difference Today?
Mr. Chris White, VP of Architecture Strategy and Implementation, Casewise
Ballroom EFG
CIO Architecture Track 
Conf Rm AB
Enterprise Optimization Track
Mtg. Room 104/105
Service Capabilility Development Track
Conf Room CD
1330 - 1415 Making EA Actionable--EA Successes at USTRANSCOM
Mr. Rory Kinney

Unified Capabilities Overview
Mr. Kris Strance 

Mr. Marty Westphal
Army Capability Development 
Mr. Ron Vandiver
1415 - 1500 Enterprise Reference Architecture Cell DoD Information Enterprise Objective Architecture
Mr. Walt Okon
Mr. Al Mazyck
Data Center Consolidation
Mr. Sam Kassem
Mr. Michael D. Bradshaw

Marine Corps Capability Development
LtCol Geoffrey Thome

1500 - 1530 Networking Break
1530 - 1615 DoDAF in action:  SAR Example User Experience and Analysis
Mr. Shelton Lee
Mr. Paul Johnson
Corporate Enterprise IT Baseline
Mr. Michael Corrigan
Navy Capability Development
Mr. Ricardo Cabrera
1615 - 1700 DoD and IC Joint Standards Programs
Mr. Walt Okon
Mr. Jim Feagans
Supporting the War Fighter
Moderator: Mr. Tom Lam
Panelists (Invited):
Lt Col Michael Cho
Mr. Chris Willis
George Alder
CDR Ana Kreiensieck
Air Force Capability Development 
Mr. Stan Newberry 
0700 - 1700 Registration Open
Ballroom Prefunction
0700 - 1700 Exhibits Open
Ballroom Prefunction
0800 - 0815 Welcome and Announcements
Ballroom ABCD
Mr. Dave Chesebrough, President, AFEI  
0815 -0930 Big Things on the Horizon for Health Systems Interoperability and the Warfighter/Veteran 
Mr. Robert Baker, Chief for Enterprise Framework, DoD/VA Interagency Program Office
0930 - 1030 Department of the Navy Enterprise Architecture - Implementing an Actionable and Practical EA
Mr. Michael Jacobs, Director Enterprise Architecture and Emerging Technology, DON CIO
1030 - 1100 Networking Break
1100 - 1200 Enterprise Services Agile Development
Mr. Rob Vietmeyer, Lead, Cloud Computing and Agile Development, Enterprise Services and Integration
1200 - 1330 Sponsored Lunch
Ballroom EFG
CIO Architecture Track
Conf Room AB
Enterprise Optimization Track
Room 104/105
Joint Capability Development Track
Conf Room CD
1330 -1415 IT Infrastructure Library Overview
Ms. Barbara McCain
Cyber Domain Architecture Synchronization
Mr. Tom Lam
USCYBERCOM Architecture Overview
Lt Col Charles P “Paul” Young
 Session 1 presentations JFCOM J8 Executive Director (Norfolk)
Mr. Stuart Whitehead
JFCOM Joint Capability Directorate   
Mr. Michael Winslow
1415 - 1500 Enterprise Services
Universal Core 2.0
Mr. Jim Feagans
COCOM Cyber Architectures
Mr. Mark Fink
Architecture at Navy Fleet Cyber Command; A Pragmatic Approach
Mr. Kevin Cooley
Joint Mission Threads
Mr. Chris Behre
Architecture Federation
Mr. Bill Piazza
1500 - 1530  Networking Break
1530 - 1615 Military Service Cyber Architectures
AF Cyber Superiority Architecture
Mr. Michael Bordick 
AF Cloud Computing Architecture
Mr. Steven Stoner
 Session 2 Presentations Data Strategy for C2 Capabilities  
Ms. Leslie Winters
Dr. Robert Beardsworth
C2 Assessments Division
LTC Lisa Whittaker USA
1615 - 1700 Enterprise Software Initiative Licensing
Mr. Jim Clausen

Cyber Domain Enterprise Architecture
Moderator: Mr. Tom Lam, DoD CIO
Mr. Kevin Bingham
Mr. Ryan Larson
Mr. Brad Stubbs
Mr. Paul Straub

Joint Interoperability Test Command
Col Joseph Puett
Joint Integration and Interoperability
Mr. Tom Lang
0730 - 1000 Registration Open
Ballroom Prefunction
0800 Welcome and Announcements
Ballroom ABC
Mr. Dave Chesebrough, President, AFEI
0800 - 0830 Closing Government Keynote Speaker
Mr. Kshemendra Paul, Program Manager - Information Sharing Environment (invited)
0830 -0930 Featured Industry Speaker
Mr. Phil McKinney, VP and Chief Technology Officer, PSG,
0930 - 0945 Networking Break
0945 - 1100 Closing Speaker
Dr. George Labovitz, Author of The Power of Alignment and Making Quality Work, Founder and CEO of ODI, Professor of management and organizational behavior at the Boston University Graduate School of Management
1100 - 1130 What's Ahead for Architecture in the DoD?
Mr. Dave DeVries
Mr. Marty Westphal
1130 - 1200 Closing Summary
Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure, DoD CIO
1200 Conference Adjourns
Conference Dates: April 30 - May 3, 2012

Conference Video

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Interact with OSD and get updates on policy and practices
  • Discuss tools and methods with top industry experts
  • Attend networking sessions and social events
  • Hear the latest on DoD Instructions, acquisition milestone requirements, and incremental strategy
  • See displays from top vendors of architecture tools and products

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